Hey everyone! So, I won’t be getting into the gritty of the whole movie. I’m not dying on that hill, though I wouldn’t mind playing on it. (I liked the movie, sue me!) What I want to talk about was the whole reason the movie was made, Batman whooping Superman’s super butt!

First, I love Batman. He is one of my all time favorite superheroes. Yet, Superman has always been dear to my heart as well. I remember my pastor giving me the Death of Superman graphic novel to read and I cried and cried. I wasn’t ready to lose Superman, hell, I just got to know him! I was 10 years old and one of my heroes was killed before my very eyes. So needless to say, I love both of these guys and respect both of them greatly.

Who did I want to win? Duh, Batman. That’s how it is SUPPOSED to go. Superman is great and all “powerful”, but c’mon, it’s Batman!

The one thing that didn’t disappoint me in this movie was the fight. OMG! Hold up...let me repeat that... OH! MY! GAWD! If you saw the movie, then you know, YOU KNOW, how freaking awesome it was. Yeah, the reason why they fought was a little contorted. (Actually, I think it was straight up idiotic.) Whatever, it got The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight to go toe-to-toe! Mano-v-Alieno! Light against Night (Knight?)!


Finally, after all these years and false promises and teasing...it happened. Batman and Superman squared up against each other and gave my 10 year old self hope...the same 10 year old who cried when Superman was killed by Doomsday. (oh it’s happening again...the tears...whew, breath GMOAT, breath!)

So, let’s see if I can remember everything from a movie I saw a week ago!

Batman is angry. Very angry. This alien came to Earth and killed people in his war with his alien enemy. Batman lost friends and I think he feels like this is his chance to actually do good for the world and not just Gotham. The Legacy of the Bat is put on full display here as Bruce tries and tries to find a way to take Supes down. Batman has had a hard run, and freaks dressed up as clowns are not his favorite thing in the world at this point in his life. Superman has made him a crazed vigilante. (Like, just a little psychotic.)


Batman is planning his war with the Superman, while across the bay (yeah, that kind of upset me too...) Clark Kent (Superman) wants to expose this man who is branding criminals and letting them get killed in prison.

Superman is all that is good is the world, Batman is what’s wrong with it.

There it is in a nutshell, the set up. As Batman learns more and more about how to take down Superman, Clark is trying to understand his place in the world. What is the Superman and who am I? A lot happens that makes Superman question whom he is, and isn’t that a metaphor for all of us? Who are we really?


After some soul searching he discovers who he really his, Superman, no matter what his haters say! Then Lex Luthor had to kidnap Martha Kent and throw Lois Lane off the side of Lex Corp.


Yes, Lex is totally nuts in this movie. Not smart, not charismatic; 100% NUTS! So, he throws her off the building and of course Supes can’t let her fall to her DOOM...he saves her! And this is where it gets weird...

Lex does his best to set up a completely unnecessary fight. (Though, to be honest, it was necessary for me! Very much so, and all of you who went to see this movie too!) “I have your mom, Clark. Martha will die unless you kill Batman and bring me his head in one hour.”


And so it starts. The greatest superhero fight of all time plays out beautifully! Say what you want about this movie, really...anything you want, but not about this fight. It was so epic, so beautifully done my jaw would not stay in the closed position. Literally, jaw dropping. Batman using Kyrptonite grenades and lead smoke grenades was classy! When he stopped Superman’s punch and the look on Supes face...whew, classier!

The punch’s that were thrown, the bodies that were going through walls... the back and forth until Superman was on his back, Batman over top of him with a Kryptonite spear ready to plunge it into his sweet, sweet alien flesh and then the real winner of the battle emerges...Lois Lane?

Yeah, she effectively saved Superman’s life and got Batman to back down. Always a pretty face to stop a maniac from enacting human revenge on the dangerous alien. Who would have saw that coming?


“Save Martha...” Superman sputters as the Bat-boot is on his chest...

“WHY DO YOU KNOW THAT NAME!!!!” Bat-Fleck yells at Supes.

Lois runs over and prostrates herself over her (SUPER)lovers body... “It’s his mom, bruh!”


That’s how the most epic and anticipated fight in film history ended. They shook hands, Bats saves Ma Kent and Superman goes after Lex...who then unleashes Doomsday upon Metropolis!

So, like what...15 minutes of Bats and Supes going PvP and they turn their attention elsewhere. Would I have liked the fight to be longer? Oh yeah. Again, c’mon...it’s the fight of the century! But the last action packed moments of Batman V Superman made sitting through all the dreams worth it. (Or, so I think.) You got to see Wonder Woman come out of her shell and unleash HELL on Doomsday. (Everyone says it’s the smile that broke 1,000's of hearts, I think it was her lassoing that huge monstrosity and taking control of the situation. Hot. Very hot!)

In the end, Batman was almost a little powerless. He got to shoot a Kryptogrenade at Doomy as Superman flew straight into his chest with the Kryptospear...and that’s when Doomsday punched a hole through Superman’s perfect chest. :’( I knew it... I knew I couldn’t get to this part without becoming 10 years old again and crying like I did on that June day... WHY DC WHY! WHY ARE YOU KILLING HIM AGAIN! I can’t take the anguish...but wait, what is this...?


In the final seconds before the screen went black, Louis is throwing dirt on Clark’s coffin. The dirt that she threw down starts to float...BLACKNESS!

Yeah, they hinted that the Man of Steel will come back. AWESOME! Because from the time Doomsday punched through Superman’s chest my jaw was stuck open. I couldn’t believe that they actually had the balls to kill Superman on the big screen. I was also sad, because all the memories of losing him came rushing back. I lost him once and now I lost him again.

Alas, he’ll be back. Better and stronger than ever. And if it comes down to it, Batman will beat him again. But I think this movie is just the stepping stone to a greater DC movie universe. I am so excited to be a geek right now. With what Marvel is doing, Disney with Star Wars and WB with DC...it’s a great time to be a nerd! And remember what Jesus said, “And the GEEK will inherit the Earth. And Earth-2. And Earth 616. Also, May the Force be with you, my brothers...here’s some fish.” That was a cool dude!


What did you like about the fight to end all fights? Who did you expect to win? Who did you want to win? Were you pleased with the fight itself? Please comment below and let’s get our GEEK on...

Thanks for reading and keep it geeky! :)